Michael Bayer: “The Closer”

The Perfect Ending for Your Meeting

What really goes on at a conference? What do people really learn? Invite Michael Bayer, “The Closer” to end your  conference on a high!

Michael will attend the entire conference, including breakout sessions. He will give a recap that will have you wondering if you attended the same conference.

He will then help overcome the challenge of every conference: to help attendees remember what they learned and for them to go back to their organizations and instigate positive change. That’s how to get rave reviews and repeat attendees.

If this isn’t happening, you need the help of “The Closer”

Four Reasons Change is Better than Chocolate

The earliest record of chocolate is in 1900 BC. Change has been around a lot longer. So how can change, with all its stress and uncertainty be better than chocolate that’s been around virtually unchanged for over 4,000 years?

The “Dean of LEAN” Michael Bayer will debunk that myth and show us change is better than chocolate and how to enjoy both!


Participants will learn:

        •   What they need to know about change but are afraid to ask;
        •   To debunk the change causes stress myth;
        •   To use change to drive innovation;
        •   To implement what they learned at the conference;
        •   Why chocolate makes the process flow easier.
        •   How Michael will hold everyone accountable to implement change!


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