Animal Control’s Rules for Effective Meetings by Michael Bayer MBA

Animal control professionals deal with a lot of different animal behaviour in the course of their duties. There are lessons  from what they deal with every day. We can learn a lot about how conduct meetings or participate in kaizen events, (rapid cycle improvement projects) by simply applying some of their rules.

  1. Don’t chase rabbits. Rabbits are small quick rodents who survive by running away from danger. They zig zag patterns back and forth to confuse who ever is chasing them. Don’t fall into this trap. People will try to divert your meeting and purpose. We waste enormous amounts of time and energy when we don’t have a clear, established goal. Set a goal for your meeting. Drive the agenda and effort in achieving that goal.
  2. Don’t flog a dead horse.  There comes a time when you realize that no matter how much effort the team puts into a project, it simply will not work. When it’s over, it’s over so move on and don’t waste any more time on it. If several projects arrive at the same conclusion accept the result.
  3. Don’t be a dog with a bone. When assessing different options, be open minded to different ways of doing things. Don’t take a stand on your proposed solution and refuse to even consider other options. This shuts down the entire process. Be open minded.
  4. No kangaroo punches. Respect is a key to all relationships. Respect for the individual is the first rule of every team. This means no sucker punches or psychic bullets that blindsides anyone.
  5. Move like a turtle. Act with a sense of urgency but not with a sense of panic. Have your eye on the objective and as a team, move towards that goal at steady, measured pace. Remember, haste makes waste.

Michael Bayer MBA is a Certified Speaking Professional and LEAN black Belt for Healthcare. He can be reached by calling 1-888-551-5592 or by email at